Cold Fusion Prototype


  • Genre
    Metal; but some will also call it melodic/industrial/techno-cyber(-death)-metal with soundtrack influences … it’s up to you.

  • Heimatstadt
    South German Wastelands
  • Kurze Beschreibung
    soundtrack influenced industrial/melodic/death metal from the south german wastelands of Stuttgart.
    War is coming. Revolution. Now!
  • Ausführliche Beschreibung
    The industrial-/soundtrack-influenced metal-project COLD FUSION PROTOTYPE combines heavy riffing with epic melodies, orchestrations and electronics, creating a unique soundscape. The dark, futuristic atmosphere is combined with lyrics about a world, that is about to die. A world we are heading for … This world is at war.
    Revolution. Now!
  • Biografie
    The first ideas of creating a project to push the boundaries of metal go back to 2005…after years of creating songs and mixing up different elements, the COLD FUSION PROTOTYPE finally starts the engines at the end of 2012.
  • Einflüsse
    Many bands like Fear Factory, Dark Tranquillity, Dimmu Borgir, Metallica, Machine Head, Arch Enemy, Hypocrisy…and composers like Hans Zimmer, Kevin Riepl and Charlie Clouser.
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